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What type of credit card is most widely accepted in Thailand ?

Visa is the best to take, then Mastercard, with American Express a fairly distant third.
They are quite widely accepted but take care where you use them as Thailand has
one of the world's highest level of credit card fraud.

The two tone green and yellow taxis are generally reckoned to be the best ones.
These are driven by the owner, while all others are rented out by the day. Of course,
everything really depends on the driver rather than the color of the car, and there's
not really any major difference between any of them. All licensed taxis have yellow and
black number plates

There's no limit to the amount of money you can bring into Thailand. However, you
can't leave with more than 50,000 baht per person unless you have special

If you lose your credit card or have other problems, you can reach the credit card
companies in Bangkok at the following numbers (drop the leading 02 if called from
within Bangkok, but keep the 02 if called from a mobile phone or a province):

MasterCard (02) 260-8572

Visa (02) 273-1199 or (02) 273-7449

American Express (02) 273-0022 or (02) 273-0044

Diner's Club (02) 238-3660

Transferring Money Within Thailand by ATM Transfer

If you already have a bank account in Thailand, it's quick and easy to send money to
someone else's bank account in Thailand, or to some company's bank account. This
is a common method of payment.

The only trick is that you must go to an ATM machine owned by your bank. For
example, if you have an SCB (Siam Commercial Bank) ATM card, and your girlfriend
has a Kasikorn Bank (KBank) then you must go to an SCB bank ATM to transfer the
money. You cannot use a Krung Thai Bank ATM or a Kasikorn Bank ATM or anything
except an SCB Bank ATM. Likewise, if you girlfriend wants to send some money to
you, then she must go to a Kasikorn Bank ATM, not an SCB ATM.

The ATM machines vary, but the process usually goes like this:

1. Put in your ATM card and enter your PIN number.
2. Choose English language :-)
3. Choose "Transfer"
4. Choose the receiving bank
5. Type in the recipient's account number
6. Type in the money amount to send
7. Wait a moment. The ATM will retrieve and display the recipient's name for you to
verify it's correct.

It's very easy and quick. The money is instantly available to the other person.

Keep the receipt. If you need it for tax records, then you should photocopy or scan it,
because most of the receipts fade very quickly (thermal paper). The receipt will have
the sender's and receiver's account number, transaction number, amount, date and
time. It won't have any names on it.

Notably, interbank transfer often fails after 10pm, though transfers within different
accounts of the same bank usually work 24 hours/day.
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