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Waterfalls in Chiang Mai

Within an hour’s drive (or less) of Chiang Mai are more than a dozen large falls and many
smaller waterfalls that provide fantastic photo opportunities.  The best time to visit Chiang
Mai's waterfalls is from June to November, with September and October being the best two
months because then the water level is at its highest
Mae Sa Waterfall
The largest and most spectacular series of waterfalls in the Chiang Mai area, This multi-
tier complex tumbles over no less than 10 levels, some of them small and private near
the top while others are large chutes of water that look great from the lookout point near
the car park. The locals love this one and parts get crowded on weekends, but it’s
reasonably safe and ideal for playful kids, certainly worth visiting on a trip to the popular
Ma Sae valley area. The 200 baht entrance ticket is good for other national parks
waterfalls in the area on the same day.  Hwy 1096, Mae Raem, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai

Doi Inthanon Waterfalls
Doi Inthanon National Park is one of the country’s best and apart from boasting the
highest point in Thailand and a couple of regal chedis near the summit, it has lush
vegetation and multiple eco-systems, a camp ground with chalets to rent and several
fantastic waterfalls. The park is an hour’s drive south of Chiang Mai.

Huay Kaew Falls
The Huay Kaew Waterfall is located less than five minutes from the city center of Chiang
Mai next to the zoo, at the foot of the Doi Suthep Mountain. This waterfall not only has a
sizeable plunge but then cascades over a 50m rock slope which is good for cooling off or
picnicking. It’s free and popular with locals on weekends. There are also several
restaurants overlooking the rock cascade.

Monthathal Falls
Slightly further up the hill, this falls is on the same river and has several much higher tiers
but visitors will have to pay the 200 baht national park entrance. It’s a shame for this
discourages many from visiting the lovely camp grounds and picnic spot at its base. A
short climb takes you to the second level, but if you’re fit you can climb up to the third
and higher drop or press on up the trail a further 40 minutes to a second, pretty little falls
hidden in the forest and seldom visited.  Sriwichai RoadSuthep, Mueang Chiang Mai,
Chiang Mai, 50200

Mae Takhrai Waterfall
Located in the area Mae Takhrai National Park. This is a single-level waterfall, 6
kilometers way from Park headquarters. Along the way, there are various kinds of plants,
mushrooms and wild flowers.

Mok Fa Falls
On the road to Pai it’s worth stopping off at this lofty falls, it’s about 40 minutes from
Chiang Mai and although the national parks charge a 200 baht entrance fee, the main
falls is quite impressive in the rainy season. If you don’t already have a ticket from the
others then it might seem a bit disappointing to pay for this one.  Ban Luang, 50160,

Sri Sang Wang Falls
There are several in Northern Thailand by this name but we’ve singled out this well kept
secret for its fun 8m water slide which has a plunge pool jut deep enough to make this
safe and fun. There’s only one problem, it’s tucked away on the south side of Doi Pui
mountain and only accessible by mountain biking down the trail that starts in the Baan
Doi Pui tourist hilltribe village, or by hiking up from the park entrance found on the
Samoeng road (south). It does have a second very high tier below the slide which can be
dangerous as there are no safe view points to stand at.

Bua Thong Falls
This is one of the lesser visited falls in the area but included on tours for its unusual
limestone face which is arranged in convenient steps and safe to climb with it’s firm
gripping rock. The water comes directly from a spring above the falls and cascades over
the brown sandstone bolders to produce an unusual appearance. These falls are located
on the road North to Phrae about 40kms from Chiang Mai.

Mae Klang Falls
Of the four magnificent waterfalls easily accessible in Doi Inthanon National Park, this is
the first and easiest to get to. Located at the bottom of the hill, it has a massive cascade
and the lower sections are usually jam packed with Thai families on weekends frolicking
in the water pools. A 200 baht entrance applies which gets you into the others. There are
usually as many food vendors as there are visitors here. Ban Luang, 50160, Thailand

Mae Ya Falls
The Mae Ya Waterfall can be found in the Doi Inthanon National Park, which is located
approximately 58 km from Chiang Mai. The Doi Inthanon National Park,  contains
Thailand's highest mountain, Doi Inthanon (2565m),. Plenty of food and drink is available
on site.  The water at this waterfall plunges down from a spectacular height of 250 meters

Vachiratharn Waterfall
The spectacular Vachiratharn Waterfall in Chiang Mai is located in the beautiful Doi
Inthanon National Park, halfway up Thailand's highest mountain, the Doi Inthanon. This
waterfall is the most spectacular waterfall in the area and is often used by locals as their
perfect picnic spot. You will enjoy impressive plumes of mist rising from the churning
water as it pours down the 70-meter-high steep and rocky hillside. The Doi Inthanon
National Park can be found at approximately 58 km from Chiang Mai.
9 65, Tha Pha, Mae Chaem, Chiang Mai 50270, Thailand
+66 53 828 477

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