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Assist Thai Visa

(Price 4500 Baht + 1900 Baht for Immigration fee (Total 6400 Baht).  They will go to
Immigration early then call you and tell you what time to arrive at Immigration).  For 90
day report only - 300 Baht.

Established in 2008, Assist Thai Visa Service is a new company with a new vision. We believe in
comprehensive, one to one service for all our customers.

Address:  410/4-5 Chiang Mai Land Road, Chan Klan A.Muang Chiang Mai 50100
Phone #:  053-272-293 / Mobile 0882-580-139
Thailand Visa Services

No fees listed on their website.  Must call them for fee information.

The EFL Learning Centre and DSS Language Services have been providing language courses,
professional training and visa support for over 10 years. We can assist people with a variety of Thailand
Visa and document services

Address:  86/2 Kaewnawarat Rd.  T. Watkate, A. Muang  (053) 266295/6Chiang Mai, 50000
Phone #:  (053) 266295/6
Website :
OS Visas Co

(Price 7000 Baht which includes the 1900 Baht Immigration fee + four (4) 90 day reports.  
They will call you and tell you what time they will pick you up and take you to
Immigration.  After the paperwork is finished, they will take you home).  For 90 day report
only - 300 Baht.

Providing Expats and students with Visa's and Accomodations

Address:  12/3 Nimmanhaemin Rd. Soi 9  T.Suthep A.Muang  Chiang Mai
Phone #:  Tel. 053-223-778  Mobile. 088-253-8979, 084-222-0121
Siam Legal

Legal Fee $845 USD  For more info  

Our Thailand Visa Services include legal assistance in obtaining Thailand Business Visa, One Year
Multiple Entry Visa,Thailand Retirement Visa, Non Immigrant Visa, Work Permit, Thailand Permanent
Residence Visa, Thai Citizenship and more.  Offices in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Pattaya

Address:  Curve Mall 2nd/F Room C219-C220,  215/2 Chang Klan Road,  Muang, Chiang Mai 50100
Phone #:  05-381-8306 / 05-382-0619
Star Visa

Address:  419/3 Wichayanono Road, Mueang Chiang Mai 50300
Phone #:  053232478
Chiang Mai Buddy  

For a list of their fees  CLICK HERE

Chiang Mai Buddy Concierge Service, was created to provide a stress free and easy experience for
English speaking Westerners who have decided to make Chiang Mai, Thailand their home

Address:  39 Siri Mangkal, Muang Chiang Mai  
Phone #:  091-068-8112
G4T Company Ltd

(Price 3000 Baht + 1900 Immigration fee (total 4900 Baht). For 90 day report
only - 300 Baht).  For re-entry permit - 500 Baht plus Immigration Fee.

Address:  Promenada Mall (2nd floor next to Big Camera)
Phone #:  090-321-5005

Speedy Visa  

They are located in Pattaya, but they have clients in Chiang Mai.  Website says they provide the funds

Phone #: 087-941-0081  

Bangkok and other Provinces

Instead of providing links to services in Bangkok and the other provinces, just do a Google search for
"Visa Services Bangkok"

For the other Provinces, just substitute the name Bangkok and insert the name of the Province where you
are living

NOTE:  I would imagine that all Attorney firms provide a Visa Service

For the Bangkok area, you might try the Pattaya Expat Club for information
With the Immigration move to Promenada and the discontinuance of the online
Queue reservation you now have to go to Immigration about 5-6 am just to make
sure you get a number for that day.

You may want to consider using a Visa Service.  The prices vary depending on the
service you desire.  I recommend checking each one to see which one can provide
the service you need at a reasonable price.

On August 29, 2015 I sent an email to each of the below services request
information on their services and prices.  As of Sept 7, I have not heard
back from any of them

Services and Prices (where indicated) were provided to me by various
Expats who had used their services.