Don's Life In Thailand  (Chiang Mai)
6 Months Multi Entry Tourist Visa
Thailand’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) has confirmed the launching of a new six-month
multiple-entry tourist visa (METV).  This became effective in November 2015.

Under the current rules, tourist visas are valid for just 60 days, after which visitors must leave the
country or apply to a local immigration
office for an extension.

The new visa  will allow visitors to enter and leave the country as often as they want over the
six-month period. It also means tourists can effectively
stay in Thailand for six months with the
visa, though they will have to leave the country every 60 days to keep the visa valid. In/out
‘border hops’ are
a fact of life for many people residing in Thailand, even those with valid, long-
term visas

For Qualification and Required Documents click on below link to the Thai Embassy
(Washington DC)