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Convert Tourist Visa to Retirement Visa
Updated Jan 2016

Citizens of most countries can enter Thailand without a visa and stay for up to 30
days, but if you plan to be in Thailand for more than 30 days, then get a travel visa
for Thailand (Tourist VISA)

Tourist Visa Requirements

Purpose of visit
- For tourism (pleasure) purposes only (Category “TR”)

Validity of visa
The validity of visa is 3 months.

Period of stay
Travelers with this type of visa will be permitted to stay in Thailand for a period not
exceeding 60 days at any time. The period begins on the date you arrive in Thailand

Required documents

• Your actual Passport
(Passport or Travel Document must not expire within 6 months and contain at least
ONE completely empty visa page).

• 1 copy of Passport
(The page(s) shows your photo , name , date and place or birth and the expiration
date of passport)

• 1 application form   [
Download ]
(completed and signed by the applicant. Parents can sign for the minor).

• 2 photos
(Passport photo, 2” x 2”, color, front-view, taken within 6 months, and write your
name and last name on the back of each photo).

Visa regulations are subject to change. Most changes are minor, though there
have been some very significant changes from time to time.  You should check
with a Thai consulate or embassy in your country, or the Immigration Dept. in
Bangkok or Chiang Mai


Extension Of Stay (30 Days)

After arrival in Thailand, a tourist visa can typically be extended for an additional 30
days, but not on a 30 day visa exemption.  
There is a 1,900 Baht fee for each extension.

TM 7 Extension of Tourist Visa  
Download Here

Those who wish to stay longer or may wish to change their status of visa must
file an application for permission at the Office of Immigration Bureau

NOTE - You need to have at least 15 days left on your Tourist visa when you apply


Convert Tourist Visa to OA Visa (Retirement)

Forms Required
TM 86  Application for Change of Visa
TM 7  Extension of TemporaryStay

To Download Immigration Forms  
Step 1 - Convert Tourist Visa to "O" Visa.  See procedure below.

Step 2 - Once you receive your "O" Visa in you can then convert the "O" Visa to an "OA" Visa .  
See procedure below.

To read about the experience of an Expat (David Broadfoot) who did the conversion in January

February 2016
I just returned from Immigration.  Had a meeting with the Immigration Officer to confirm the
procedure of Converting a Tourist Visa or 30 Day Visa Exempt to a Retirement Visa.  Here's the

Step 1

NOTE:  You need to have at least 2-3 weeks remaining on your Visa.  If you have a Tourist Visa you
might want to extend it for another 30 days first.

1. Application Form

If you entered Thailand as Visa Exempt (30 day permitted stay)
TM.87  Application for Visa

. If you entered Thailand on a Tourist Visa (60 day permitted stay) –
TM.86  Application for Change in Visa

2. One photograph – 4cm x 6 cm
(Taken within 6 months)  Sign back of Photo

3. Application fee – 2,000 Baht

4. Passport (original
)  Must not expire within 6 months and contain at least ONE completely empty page

5. Photocopy of passport pages  (Sign every page submitted)

Identity page(s) showing picture, name, and date issued, etc.
 b. If applicable, Page showing the Tourist Visa and if also applicable, your extension for another 30 days
 c. Page showing the latest entry stamp into Thailand

6. Photocopy of Departure Card, TM.6  (Sign bottom of page)

This arrival/departure card was completed at time of entry into Thailand – the departure portion should
have been stapled into your Passport.  
Note:  Immigration may have stapled the Arrival card by mistake.

7. Documents for Meeting Financial Requirements  

A.  An original letter from bank in Thailand
certifying that the applicant has a balance of not less  than

***   800,000 baht and
***  Copy of all pages of Bank Passbook and  (Sign every copy)
***  A document proving foreign remittance (SWIFT)  (Sign copy)


B.  Notalized Affidavit of Income from your Embassy
 proving the monthly pension or income of the
applicant.  Not less than 65,000 baht per month.


C.   The total amount of money
from the pension plus Bank Account as stated above.  Added together
 equal 800,000 baht per year.

NOTE:  Thai Immigration will use the exchange rate in effect on the date of application to convert the monthly
income into Baht.

Steps Involved

   1:  Your documents are accepted and you're told to come back to Immigration in 2 weeks.  Your
       paperwork is passed to superior for review

    2:  You return to Immigration in 2 weeks.  Give them your Passport and they stamp a single entry
       Non-Immigrant "Type O Visa" into it.  It then gives you a new "Permission to Stay until" (stamp days 90
       days out).

Step 2

   3:  When there are 30 days or less on your "Permission to Stay" stamp (usually 2 months after Step 2,
      you return to Immigration with Form TM 7 and all your documents to qualify for a "Retirement Visa.

For instruction on obtaining your Retirement Visa (TM 7) CLICK HERE    

                    Regulations are subject to change without notice

                                                    Coming Soon

                                    Convert Tourist Visa to Work Visa

                                 Convert Work Visa to Retirement Visa

Documents to be submitted in support of the application for visa or visa status alteration (NON-B): work or

The application must be submit at least 21 days before visa expiration and, in case of overstaying in Thailand ,
application could not be submitted.

Application for Visa Status Alteration. (TM.86)
Application for visa. (TM.87)
Copy of passport entries.
4 X 6 cm photograph.
Application fee of 2,000 baht.
Company letter requesting for visa or visa status alteration. (Specifying name, position, education and job
experience of the applicant)
Employment contract. (Download from Labor Dept. website)
A letter of guarantee to certify commercial registration. (Copy)
Company registration certificate. (Copy)
The lists of company board of directors/share holders. (Copy)
Vat registration certificate and (Copy)
The latest financial statement. (Balance sheets ; Profit & loss statement) (Copy)
Company income tax or trading tax returns
In case of, new opening company which has no finance statement and revenues form (Phor ngo dor 50) or
only the revenues from page 5 section 3, no water supply and electric bills, the owner must show the water,
electric and telephone bills.
Documents Evidence Of Education ; Job Experience of Alien. (Certified by Embassy or Consulate and Ministry
of Foreign Affairs.) (Copy)
List of personal income tax of Thai employee (Phor ngo dor 1) for last 3 months. (Copy)
Showing 7-10 picture of the company must be shown the name of the company, working area, or the building
which showing the type of the job.
Map of the company
In case of the company supported by BOI, a letter from BOI is required for changing visa.