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Student VISA Thailand
(Non-Imm "O" VISA - ED visa)
(Updated January 2014)
Don's Life In Thailand
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                                                 NEW FORMS

Just recently found out (Dec 2013) that Immigration is now requiring 2 new
forms for the Education Visa.  Information came from Walen School of Education

         Personal History Check

         Purpose of attending the Course

NOTE:  Education (Student) VISA's are no longer available for persons over
50 years of age.

NOTE:  Apply for the Student VISA from the Thai embassy or Consulate in your
home country

The Student VISA is a 1-year VISA. It is granted only to those who will seriously
study and is not intended to be a backdoor for a long and lazy holiday. You
therefore need to register for at least 3 courses per semester (even then, you
will sometimes have a problem to get the visa – with 4 courses for the
semester you are on the safe side).


1.        Letter of Admission from a government Accredited School or University.  
and written on the school’s letter head.

It must contain the following information:

A. Name, Age, Nationality, Passport Number of the student
Level of Education
Transcript of the applicant
Total Academic Years
Curriculum and Funding

B. Evidence of enrollment (receipts of tuition fee payments)

C. Course description

D. School documents (registration)

2.       Passport - Original, signed passport valid for 6 months beyond stay in
Thailand, with at least one blank visa page available for Thailand VISA stamp.

3        Thai Visa Application Form TM 87: Two Thailand visa application forms per
applicant properly completed and signed. Signature must be original on each
Thailand visa application..

4        Photo Requirements: Two recent 2 x 2 passport type photographs, in
color, front view and with a plain/light background.

5        Financial Requirements: A recent bank statement with a minimum balance
of $500.00 to show as evidence of sufficient funds to support stay in Thailand.

NOTE: Consular fees are NON-refundable. If visa is rejected and resubmitted
new consular fees will apply).

If you don’t have the above requirements and you still plan on coming to
Thailand to scout a school to attend, make sure that you obtain a Non Immigrant
VISA or a normal Tourist VISA valid for 60 days at the Thai embassy before
traveling to Thailand. This way you could proceed in extending your visa into
90-day Non Immigrant Visa at the Thai Immigration Office inside the country
once you passed the admission procedure.  In case you came in under the 30-
day visa stamp or the 15-day visa on arrival and made the admission process,
you would be sent to the neighboring country to obtain the initial student visa
valid for 90 days.


Your first one-year visa is valid only 90 days

The Kingdom of Thailand doesn’t mind to give you a full one-
year visa based on papers showing that you will study at least
one semester at a Thai university, college.

Be aware, however, that your application alone doesn’t make
you a student. Therefore, the student visa is only valid for 90
days when you get it the first time.

Within these 90 days, you need to register and pay your tuition
fee for the respective semester.  With a confirmation letter
about your registration, you can then apply for extension to the
full period of time. During this time, you don’t need to leave the
country in order to ‘refresh’ your visa.

Even extension for the next year of study is a simple
technicality, which needs the same documents as named

                          THAI VISA PROCESSING TIME

Thailand visas are usually processed in 4 business days. Rush VISA service
may be available for additional fees.

Non-refundable tickets or reservations should not be purchased until all VISA's
and Passports are secured and in your possession.

              TM 47 (90 Day Notification)

During your stay in Thailand, you need to notify the Immigration Bureau every
90 days and tell them your current address.
 Click Here to download form TM

                    EXTEND YOUR  VISA

The extension is done at the Thai Immigration Office on or 21 days before the
expiration of the initial VISA.

Visa for Parents who want to join their Children studying in

Guardian Visa also known as Non Immigrant O Visa

If you wish to join your minor child who is a Thai citizen or if you have a child
studying in Thailand, you can come and stay in Thailand with her through a
Guardian Visa also known as a Non Immigrant O Visa.

The visa is valid for one year in case of a parent supporting a Thai child with an
option to renew after the visa’s expiration. As for the parent attending to her
minor child studying in Thailand, her visa will depend on the validity of her
child’s student visa or duration of the child’s studies. The visa can be applied
for at the applicant’s home country from the Thai embassy or it can also be
accomplished at the Thai Immigration Office inside the country.

What are the requirements?

The applicant should provide the following basic requirements:

Proof of relationship to the child i.e. Birth certificate. This needs to be
legalized by your embassy in Thailand.
Proof of the child’s enrollment in a school in Thailand i.e. enrollment forms,
admission letter and the like
Financial requirement – show a deposit of THB 400,000 in a Thai bank account.
The funds should be there 3 months before the visa application
Visa Application Process

An initial visa can be obtained from the applicant’s home country from the Thai
embassy. This visa is usually valid for 90 days. Eventually, this initial visa can
be extended into a Guardian visa 21 days before its expiration and once all the
requirements have been met. This is done at the Thai Immigration office.

90-day Notice or report

Guardian visa holders should report their residence address to the
Immigration Office every 90 days as part of the requirements in maintaining the
visa. Failure to follow this rule results in the cancellation of the visa and a fine
of not more than 2,000 Baht. The 90-day report can be done by mail or in person.

Renewing the Guardian Visa

The visa can be renewed as long as all requirements are met.  The process this
time would be easier compared to the first application. Note however that the
financial requirements are still important to consider especially the term of
deposit. The renewal can be done at the nearest Immigration Office.

Can I work in Thailand on a Student Visa?

There's no way to work legally when you are in Thailand on a student visa

NOTE:  If you get caught working without a work permit, the fine is 50,000 to
100,000 baht fine.

What happens when my visa expires and I no longer want to
continue my studies?

You will be given 7 days to leave the country upon the expiration of your visa.

A.  Fine for overstaying your VISA - 500 Baht per day
B.  If you overstay your VIsa for 20 days or more
-  Possible Jail time
*  Deported
*  Blacklisted

Reentry Permit for Student VISA's

The following information on Reentry Permit is from the website of Stamford
International University in Hua Hin

Use immigration form TM.8  Download Here

Re-entry Permits are required if you wish re-enter Thailand following a visit to
another country.

The Office of Student Affairs assists international students in acquiring Re-
entry Permits to Thailand. All services are meant for full time students with
proper Non-Immigrant Class 'ED' or 'O' Visas subject to conditions outlined
below. Forms are available from the Student Services Department at the

When applying for a re-entry permit you will need to submit the following -

* A completed TM-8 form
* The correct fee
* A 2" photo
* Photocopy of passport (main page, visa page and latest entry stamp)

Current fees for re-entry permit

* 1,000 Baht for single
* 3,800 Baht for multiple

- Current visa (stay permit) remains valid while temporarily outside Thailand.
- Student Services Department applies for Re-Entry Permit at the request of the
- Student Services Department needs at least 3 days for processing.

Immigration Bureau at Chaeng Watthana may be able to process in the same
day for applications submitted in morning. Also note that, earlier on you could
acquire a Re-entry Permit from the Immigration Services desk at the airport on
your way out. However, such facilities aren't available any longer and you'll
have to get the permit beforehand from a regular Immigration Bureau in

WARNING:  if you leave the Kingdom without a proper Re-entry Permit, your
visa and stay permit expire immediately - even if your stay permit extends well
beyond the date of your return to Thailand. You will not be allowed to re-enter
the Kingdom under such circumstances and will have to apply for a fresh visa.
If you mistakenly land in such a situation, you'll require a new Letter of
Certification from the university before you can apply for the visa.

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Thai Language Schools in Chiang Mai
List of International Schools in Chiang Mai
Grace Intl School
Chiang Mai Int'l School
Prem Tinsulanonda
International School
Nakorn Payap
International School
Lanna Intl School
American Pacific
International School
Chiang Mai Christian
German School
Prince Royal's College
Montfort College
Dara Academy Arts
Regina Coeilli
Varee Chaingmai
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