-  Obtain Passport well in advance of your trip (In case of delays)

-  Carry Passport with you at all times.  I carry mine in a ZipLock bag   
more info - 2nd paragraph)  Actualy, now that I live here, I made a copy
of every page of my passport.  I carry the copy in a ZipLock bag and
leave the original at home.

UPDATE:  I now have a Thai Drivers License so I no longer carry a copy
of my Passport with me.

-  Do you need shots? Check with your Doctor (more info)

-  Obtain International Driving License if you plan to drive  
more info - 3rd paragraph)

-  Mosquito Repellent (containing at least 30% Deet, if possible)
Example:  Cutter Outdoorsman.  In Thailand the best I can find is 20%
Deet (Sketolene).

-  Waterless Hand Soap

-  Bring medicine for Traveler's Diarrhea

-  Bring loose clothing during the hot season (tight clothing traps the

-  Carry Toilet Paper with you.   I fold a supply and put in a ZipLock bag.
(more info)

-  Only Drink Bottled Water (more info)

-  Learn some basic Thai
(click here)

-  Exchange US Dollars into Thai Baht at Bangkok Airport (better rate
than exchanging outside Thailand)  Major Thai Banks have exchange
desk at the Airport.  For 9 ways to bring money into Thailand  
Click Here

-  Cheapest way to exchange US Dollars to Thai Baht - Go inside of the
bank and use ATM Debit Card for cash advance

Hint:  I have a Savings Acct and a Checking Acct. at my bank in Hawaii.  
My debit card is tied to my checking account only (In case my card is
lost or stolen).  When I need funds I use the Internet to transfer funds
from my Savings Acct to my Checking  Acct.  Then I go to the Bank to
withdraw funds.

-  Taxi or Limousine?  They look the same but big difference in price
more info)

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Don's Life In Thailand
Waterless Hand Soap
Travel Tips
Thai Drivers License