Tiger Kingdom Official Website:  http://www.tigerkingdom.com

Prices may change from time to time but these prices are accurate as of May, 2010


All prices included: local vat 7%, service charge and insurance premium from AIG.  
They also have a Special Price for Package deals..

1. Lion (5 8Months) 520 baht ($15 per person) (15 minutes in enclosure)
2. Smallest Tigers (2-5 Months) 520 baht ($15 per person) (15 minutes in building)
3. Medium (6-9 Months) 320 baht ($9 per person) (15 minutes in enclosure)
4. Big Cats (10-20 Months) 320 baht ($9 per person) (15 minutes in enclosure)


The best time to play with the Tigers is from 10.00 AM. to 6.00 PM.


You can bring your own camera to take photo inside the cage (Flash not allowed). If
you need professional photographer , you  pay an extra 300 baht for each program
for a CD (50-100pictures). Restaurant is open daily from 09.00 am to 09.00 pm
serving international food and Thai food. Buffet lunch start from 11.30am-14.30pm
daily (200 baht / person). You can see watch the tigers,  in the enclosures, during
your lunch or dinner.(No extra charge for this area)


It is 10 KM.(20 minutes) from Town and within a kilometre at Traffic light from the
Chiang Mai – Fang main road. Mae-rim, Chiang-Mai. THAILAND TEL. (66)+053-
299363 , (66)+053-860704. Visit the official site for any updated information.

They used to have a sign there that said:

I forgot to take a picture of the sign.  The sign is not there now.  Somebody, with no
sense of humor, must have complained.

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Don's Life In Thailand
Tiger Kingdom
I want to take it home
He had lunch already
Front Entrance
Do Not put your head by Tiger's mouth
Tiger might bite you
Then Tiger might get sick