Thai Vehicle Ownership Transfer (Chiang Mai)
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Chiang Mai, 04/11/2014 11:36

This procedure is about transferring the ownership of a car or bike and is based on personal experience and
correct at the time of writing for Chiang Mai. Other places may have (and sometimes will have) different

Transferring the ownership of a car is in a different office than for a bike (scooter or motorbike), as follows.

The transfer of a
car ownership takes place at:
The DMV office on the Hang Dong road at the following
(Land Transportation Office)
 coordinates:  18.746009, 98.961540

For a Bike at:
The Tax Office on road #106 (Lamphun road) opposite the Holiday Inn at these
coordinates:    18.767036, 99.005698

This procedure may help those who want to do it alone (I recommended this). Stay friendly!!

Some specific forms are required but you don’t need to worry about them because the officials at both the
DMV office, the Immigration Office #2 and the Tax Office at the reception will give them to you and help you.
During the whole process both the Buyer and the Seller are involved and have to go through the procedure

The following procedure is based on the transfer of Ownership of a BIKE between Farangs and was
completed through the following steps. (transfer between Farangs and Thai is a bit different due to residence
requirements for Farangs)

1.  You have to obtain a residence certificate going to the Immigration Office #2 across the road from
   Promenada shopping centre on road #1141 (Airport Road).
2.  You have to go to the Tax office to get the bike transferred.

Procedure A. Residence certificate from Immigration Office#2.

This part is the same for either car or bike.

How to get there.

Going East from the Airport continue on the Airport road until the 1st traffic lights (Promenada at your left)
and make a U-turn. After approx 300 m you meet this sign:

50 m further turn left into the compound through the gate (no guard). Continue 50 m towards the parking
place for the Song Taews. The main building is to the left. Enter the building. Inside, turn left and continue to
go through the glass door at the end of the hall, enter into a smaller hall and go to the last desk (on the left).
When it is your turn say ‘buy bike or say sell bike’ otherwise just residence permit. The official knows which
procedure to use.

The official will hand over a form and he will indicate where to sign and where your phone number has to be

Then produce the following documents (Buyer and Seller)
1.  Copy of you lease
2.  Copy of the following passport pages
   a. Photo Page
   b. Departure card
   c. Visa and end of stay stamp
3.  Two photos
4.  Sign all papers
5.  Pay 500 Baht
6.  The official will then give you a slip of paper and tells you when to come back (normally the next day)
    and to go to counter #2 in the big hall between 13:00 and 16:00
7.  The day that you are expected go to counter #2 and present your slip of paper
8.  The official will then present you with a register, find your name and sign.
9.  The official will then hand over your Residence Certificate! This RC can be used for other cases bu
    bear in mind that it has a one month validity only!
10 This closes Process #1

Process #2. Transferring Ownership at the Motor Vehicle Tax Office

How to get there.

Go to the Holiday Inn on the other side of the river (East) by either taking road #106 (road to Lamphun) or
across the King Menrai bridge to the Holiday Inn. It is somewhat easier to take the Lamphun Road due to the
local traffic situation (easier to get into the Tax Office’s parking lot) GPS coordinates above.
Do not go into the front office but the next building behind it past the motorbike check entrance and go into
the main hall with all the counters.
Present yourselves at the desk to the left where the official (receptionist) awaits you. Say Buy/Sell a
motorbike and she produces a form for you to sign and you present the following documents.

1. Copy of your lease
2.  Copy of the following passport pages
   a.  Photo Page
   b.  Departure card
   c.  Visa and end of stay stamp
3.  The green book
4.  The residence certificate from Immigration Office #2
5.  The official lets you sign all papers and returns them to both of you
6.  Enter with your bike into the hall ‘Motorbike Check’ and place the bike in one of the yellow marked
    boxes on the ground.
7.  Present your papers and wait.
8.  The official will check the bike and will pass the papers to the wooden office in the same hall
9.  The checked papers are then carried by someone to another office while you are waiting, patiently and
10. After a little while your papers are returned to you.
11. You take the bike outside and park it.
12. You return to the official at the reception desk. (Buyer only)
13. She/he will give you a queue number and you wait until your number comes up on the electronic board
     with the counter number to go to.
14  Hand over all your papers and they are checked
15. When checked and signed pay 185 Baht
16. The official will give you a queue number and tells you when to come back (between 13:00 and 16:00)
17. Go to the receptionist (Buyer only) and show your number. She will send you to counter #5 where you
     will receive the green book with your (the Buyer’s) name entered.

We experienced the whole procedure as highly efficient and painless. Officials were very friendly and helpful
and the whole thing took only 4 days.

After the bike and green book is in your name you have to get it MOT pollution checked every year. This can
be done at the MOT station left of the Tax Office.

A bit of advice here. Always carry the queue number as evidence because during the days we had no
green book we were stopped by the police for a document check (!) When it happens to you say that the
green book is at the Tax Office, show them your queue number and a driver’s license (Thai or International)
and it will be OK.

Step #2 is the same for a car but it will definitely take longer looking at the queue at the DMV office to check
the car! In any case present yourself on the ground floor at the Information desk left, after having obtained the
Residence Certificate at the Immigration Office #2.

You can get the Ownership of a car of a bike one week after you have entered the country.

Finally: get a good insurance and drive highly concentrated!

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