If you are coming to Thailand on holiday and you don't have much time to learn many phrases then
this is the right page for you. We have compiled what we think is the Most Useful Phrases for your
holiday in Thailand.

To make a request or greeting sound more polite, male people should add "khrab" to the end of a
sentence and female "kaa".

1. Hello (sa-wat dee) more...
This is the word that all tourists need to learn first. It is used for both "hello" and "goodbye"

2. Thank you (khorb koon) more...
When you are in Thailand don't forget you are representing your country so please always try to be
polite. This is a useful word to say "thank you" if someone gives you something.

3. How much? (gee baht) more...
If you are shopping you wil need to ask "how much?" You don't really need to learn "..is this?" or "...is
that?" as you can use sign language at the same time.

4. Where is ...? (... yoo tee nai) more...
I think you will find this phrase very useful. Just point at a place on your map or in your guide book and
say "yoo tee nai". Also useful when you are trying to find the right bus to go to Phuket etc.

5. I don't want (mai ow) more...
When you are walking down the street or even sitting on the train you will sometimes be approached
by vendors who are trying to sell you something. Some of them are very insistent so try this useful
6. Sorry (khor toat)
Means "sorry". You will say it when you want to interrupt someone, when you want to pass someone
or when you do something wrong

7. One-ten (neung-sib) more...
I recommend to everyone that they should at least learn how to count up to ten.

8. Can you make it cheaper? (lot noi dai mai) more...
If you are doing a lot of shopping then try this handy phrase. By speaking a little Thai you might get a
better discount.

9. Delicious (a-roi) more...
After a delicious meal the cook would love to hear that you found the food delicious. You never know,
the next time you go back to the same place she might give you an extra helping!

10. Never mind (mai ben rai) more...
Means "it's ok" If someone apologizes to you for doing something wrong (khor toat) reply with "mai
ben rai". If someone says "thank you" for a present just say "mai ben rai".

11. Do you understand? (khao jai mai)

12. I don't understand. (mai khao jai)

13. How are you? (sabai dee mai)

14. I am fine. (sabai dee)

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This is a great website to learn Thai and the correct pronunciation of Thai words and phrases.  Just
click on the Thai spelling, of the phrase,  and you can listen to a native Thai pronounce the word or

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