Thai Traffic Act B.E. 2522
Title 3: Driver's License
Section 42
Anyone who wishes to drive a motor vehicle on public roads must possess an appropriate driver's license.
The driver must carry the driver's license and a photocopy of the registration book and show them to
competent officers upon request. This does not apply for those who are learning to drive a motor vehicle
according to the provision of Section 57.

Section 56
The owner or driver of a motor vehicle must not let anyone without a proper driver's license to drive the
vehicle, except under the provisions of Section 57

Section 57
When practicing to drive a motor vehicle, the learner must be under the instruction of a driver who has had
the license for that vehicle for at least 3 years.

During the driving lesson, no other person than the learner and the instructor may stay in the vehicle.

The instructor is responsible for any damage or accident during a lesson, unless it is proved that the learner
refused to obey his instruction.
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