When you arrive at Chiang Mai Airport, the fare, at the present time, from the Airport to
your hotel will be 120 Baht.  The fare might increase a little because of the increase in
gas prices.

OK.  Pay attention here.

When you arrive at the Airport in Bangkok, there are two (2) Taxi
Counters in the lobby of the Airport.  They are both Limousine Services and cost  2 to 3
times more than the taxi service which is located outside of the lobby.

On my first trip to Thailand I didn't know this.  I ended up paying 800 baht for a trip that
would have cost less than 300 baht by taxi.

Use the official "Taxi meters" when you can. On arrival at Bangkok airport, for example,
go outside the lobby to the Taxi-meter desk, give the attendant your destination and she
will give you a card and point to the taxi. You can ask your driver to take the express way
and hand him the money to pay it (20- 50 baht toll fee). When you arrived at the hotel, you
pay him the amount on the meter + 50 baht surcharge for airport service, and the tip you
want to give. This is by far the best and cheapest way.

Always make sure he turns on the meter.  Sometimes they will quote you a price with the meter
off (this price will always be higher than the meter price).

NOTE:  All licensed taxis have yellow and black number plates

                                         Two Types of Service

Airport Limousine: Airport Limousines are operated by two companies – Airport
Associate Limousine and Thai Limousine. Fares are similar, starting from 700 to 800 baht
for a single trip to downtown Bangkok. Participants can contact the companies’ counters
at both terminals.   Their counters are located in the lobby.

Airport Metered-Taxi: The airport metered-taxi stand is outside the arrival buildings. Most
destinations to central Bangkok cost 300-400 baht per journey. In addition to the metered
fares, there will be a 50 baht surcharge for airport service. For a faster route to
downtown, an express way can be taken at additional costs between 20-50 baht.
Beware of unlicensed taxi.
All Taxi's in Chiang Mai look like this
Don's Life In Thailand  (Chiang Mai)