TM 30 - Filed by the landlord
TM 28 - Filed by the Tenant

Update May 26, 2016 - The TM 30 & TM 28 is no longer filed at Promenade).  It has been switched back to
the Royal Thai Police (Bldg 3 behind the Airport Immigration Office)  

A couple of years ago I went to Chiang Mai Immigration to inquire about this.  They had no idea what I was talking
about.  They just said for me to report a change of address when I submitted my next TM 47.  I went to the Admin office,
across the parking lot, and they told me to go see the Royal Thai Police.  It's the separate building behind Chiang Mai
Immigration.  There they explained the information in the email below.

Regarding Hotels, Condos, Apartment buildings, etc, the management obtains a special permit from the Royal Thai
Police so that they can report the TM 30 online.  Whenever a foreigner checks in or out, they go online and report it.  
To my knowledge, this special permit is not available to individuals.

When my wife and I bought a Condo 4 months ago, I personally filled out a TM 28 and went to the Royal Thai Police to
file it.  They processed it and then tore off the bottom part and stapled it into my Passport.

Now, that said, most Expats don't know about this law, and I know of no one who has had to pay a fine yet.

As I said, the landlord is suppose to file a TM 30, but to be on the safe side you might want to file the TM 28 yourself to
avoid potential problems.

NOTE:  I have heard that (randomly) when you file your 90 day report (TM47) Immigration is checking
their files to see if you have filed a TM 28 or TM 30.  They then check if the address on the TM 28 is the
same as the address on the 90 day report you are now filing.

Failure to comply with this law can bring a fine of 200 baht a day not to be more than 2,000 baht and could
lead to time in prison for the property owner.

Below is a recap of an Expats meeting with Immigration officials

There has been some confusion over when a property owner be it a home residence, rental house or hotel
needs to file a TM-30 with Thai Immigration.  This confusion came from different Immigration officials
having different interpolations of when it is needed and when not needed in their minds.  Yesterday, Bob
Engborg went to Immigration to find out what was what and was given one answer, later in the day John
and Pam Hampton went there and were given a different answer.  
So today, John, Pam, Bob and his wife Jane all went to Immigration together to seek out the highest
ranking authority on site.  We ended up speaking with three people with the rank of Major, one of which
was in charge of the Promenade Immigration office.  After a long talk in which we explored all the various
possibilities we finally have what we believe to be the final answers about when a TM-30 should be filed.  

1.        The TM-30 is to be filed by the owner of any property that a foreign national stays at within 24 hours
of the foreigners’ arrival to that location.  This means if you live in a house owned by your wife or girlfriend
she needs to file the TM-30 within 24 hours of your arrival.  If you live in a rented house, your landlord
must file the TM-30 within 24 hours.

2.       There are some rare cases where a foreign national lives in a house owned by a person such as an
adult Thai child living in America or some other country.  In such cases, that person needs to have a
limited power of attorney drawn up and notarized in America or whatever country they are in.  That limited
PoA needs to identify a Thai citizen in Thailand and state that person has limited PoA to file TM-30s with
Thai Immigration on their behalf.  

3.       Once a TM-30 has been filed by the property owner and the foreign national takes a trip out of town
but NOT out of Thailand, the property owner need not turn in a new TM-30.  However, should the foreign
national leave Thailand to visit another country, the property owner must file a new TM-30 within 24 hours
of that person’s arrival back on the property.

4.       Some of you have questioned if a TM-30 needs to be filed if you have a yellow house-book.  The
answer is “yes”.  The yellow house-book does not excuse the property owner from having to file the TM-30

5.  There are no exemptions to this law, all foreign nationals staying at any property in Thailand must be
reported to Thai Immigration by the property owner.   

This information has been verified by Thai Immigration as being correct.  Failure to comply with this law can
bring a fine of 200 baht a day not to be more than 2,000 baht and could lead to time in prison for the
property owner.

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Change of Address (must be filed within 24 hours)
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