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Don's Life In Thailand
This is somewhat a typical toilet setup in many parts of Thailand

� Now, where do you wash your hands. Behind the photo in this toilet is a bar of
soap, however there is no small sink. Finding the bar of soap is always the problem.
I only find a bar of soap in the toilet about 10 percent of the time with all squat

� Sometime there is a hand sprayer, use from the front to the back.

� IF you pay attention in, a restaurant, you will see patrons pull some napkins off
the table before they leave for the restroom.  Personally, I always carry some toilet
paper with me in a zip lock bag.

� Note, if you think you do not need to know this information, stay home.  If you
travel long enough you will find that you need to know how this works, not because
you want to, but because you have to.

� What is sad though is when a person with very weak legs, or very old,
encounters this type of toilet and Needs  to go, as they have no choice. It could be
an extremely embarrassing time.  

� OK,this toilet allows for the paper to be flushed down. MAKE it whirlpool or swirl
though and it works better. However, if you see a small basket to the side, this
means you are suppose to put paper in the basket. I would say about 65 percent of
the Toilets wants you to use the basket  .Note from Hobo Traveler:  I often remove
my clothes completely in these situations before using, then take a shower. It is
difficult to stay dry.

� Note that my friend uses the paper to dry herself and not to wipe herself clean:  
NOTE:   You will find that many Western people love a Squat Toilet, they are very
tired of hoovering over the top of a normal Western Toilet because they rufuse to
allow their bodies to touch the seat.  

� The hole in the picture neither made a person face the wall or the door. Because
I cannot squat well, I always put my hand on the wall behind me to be stable. I do
not want to fall into these toilets.  Normally in most countries when there is a squat
toilet, there is no toilet paper. I think they use their hand and wash it, more or less.   
The power spray does not need your hand, no pressure is a huge problem. I always
carry toilet paper in my pocket.  

�  Western Toilets:   When you use a Western Toilet here, you will find that only
about 50% of them have toilet paper supplied.

� Toilet Paper Machine:  Before entering look for a machine on the wall that
dispenses toilet paper for 1 or 2 Baht.

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More Than You Need To Know
Thailand Squat Toilet
(How to use a Squat Toilet)
(Updated November 2014)
Japanese Squat Toilet
March 18, 2013 (Times staff reporter)

The Thai government has decided to discard the squat toilets prevalent in the country to
mitigate the number of people suffering from squat-related arthritis.

The move comes after the government realised that people were suffering from arthritis due
to squat toilets, which are present in 85 per cent of households and public facilities in the
country.  The ministry plans to replace them these with sit-downs, which are far easier on the
knees.  Also because tourists think they're gross.

But, until this is done, you better read the instructions below
Some people, who've
used a Squat Toilet
most of their life,  
actually squat on a
Western Toilet.  
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and also the Medical
Benefits of using a Squat
Actual sign at a Public Toilet