Antique Restaurant
Chiang Dao Caves
(I got stuck in one of the tunnels between Caves)
Don's Life In Thailand (Chiang Mai)
GrandView Hotel Buffet (Mom's Birthday)
Lampang (Town)
Elephant Conservatory, Lampang
Poo's Coffey Shop
Poo (Apinya's best friend
Friend's House for Dinner
Personal Photo's
(Click any Photo to Enlarge)
We've gone Native
Xmas Party at Merv's House (2011)
Apinya and I
Her Daughter Eve
Back from school in Japan.
Now teaching Japanese
Language in Chiang Mai
That's Merv (the ugly one)
Eve and cousin Kiki
Apinya, Eve and Kiki
Japanese man "Ken"
is from Hawaii
Tiger Kingdom
This is a few of the over 100 pictures we have.  They used to have a sign there that said:
"Do not put head near Tiger's mouth.  Tiger might bite you.  Then Tiger might get sick"
Bowling Bunny
Hotel we stayed in
Ken (from Hawaii)
Ken's Son
Vacation to Thailand
The Haoli is Gary
(from Hawaii)
I have to get the picture
of Apinya doing YMCA
Loy Katrong Festival
Huay Tung Tao Lake
Mae Sa Waterfall (Total 10 Waterfalls
Going up was bad enough, but coming
down, with my bad knee, I fell 2 times
I made it to #10
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Miniature Golf ( I won !!!)
Tiger Kingdom Restaurant
Apinya's reunion with College Classmates
Elephants Painting Pickures
We rode the Buggy