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It has been said that available Thai Girls outnumber available Thai Men about 3 to 1.
The reason for this could be that the following Men are considered unavailable
Lady Boys
Gay Men
It has also been said that when a Thai Girl reaches the age of 30, and she is not married,
for what ever reason (widowed, divorced, never married), her chances of finding a nice
Thai Man is slim.  This is because there are so many younger girls for the Thai Man to
choose from.  For this reason, you will find many girls age 30 and over turning to dating
sites to meet a foreign man

When searching for a Thai girl online to be your new friend, girlfriend or wife you should
always take your time before jumping into anything serious.  The majority of Thai girls
are very good natured, honest and pretty.  But some of them may try to extort money
from you so please be careful before believing any "sick buffalo" stories or paying for
flights, webcams etc

Start by messaging girls you like with something personal that will catch their eye.
Nobody likes to get excited at seeing a new mail message only to open it and see "Hi" or
"Hi I like your pictures", try to talk a little bit about them like asking more in detail about
their work or studies.

Avoid clubs and bars. If you really want to meet the woman of your dreams, these places
should be out of your list. Women here are very aggressive and usually just wants a
good time and your money. Unless you are just looking for companionship then go ahead

Below I have listed the major dating sites.  Good luck and good hunting

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