Lost or Stolen License Plates
A friend of mine recently lost his License Plate.  This is the procedure he had to go through to
replace the license plate.

NOTE:  If you get stopped by the Police for no License Plate The fine is 200 Baht each time.

- Go to the Police Station and fill out a report (cost 10 Baht)

- Take this report to the Dept of Land Transportation with the following:
Photo copy of your Passport and/or Thai Driving License
Blue Book (Vehicle registration book)
Fill out more forms  (Cost 205 Baht)

They will keep the Blue Book for 2 days.  Return in 2 days to pick up the Blue Book.  They will give
you a receipt and a Card.  Keep the receipt and card in your car.

If you get stopped by the Police - show them the Card and there will be no fine.

In about 2 months, they will notify you to return and pick up your new Plates
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