The information here pertains to Thailand, but the basic issues will apply if you
retire to any foreign country.   I stumbled accross the following information
(buried deep in the website)  while I was doing research on

Research Pays Off
                                        HEALTH INSURANCE

Can you get Health Insurance in Thailand?  Yes!  Many website will tell you
this. But you need to know the limitations.  There are two (3) major carriers for
Health Insurance here:  BUPA, AIA and Thai Health.  All  3 carriers will not
accept you for Health Insurance if you are age 65 or older.


If you sign up for insurance before age 65 (even if it's 64 years and 360 days),
they will insure you up to age 70 as long as you make your premium payment
on time.

If you sign up for insurance before age 60 (59 years and 360 days), they will
insure you for the rest of your life as long as you make your premium payment
on time

Premiums are paid, in full, one (1) year in advance.  They have five (5) different
plans.  Before deciding on which plan I would take, I did a lot of research on
the internet for:  Cost of seeing a Doctor; Cost of a Hospital stay; Cost of
Medicine; etc.  I decided on the "Ruby Plan".   It cost me about $848 for 1 year.

Here's what I did: My birthday is in May.  I wasn't moving to Thailand until
August.  My original plan was to obtain Medical Insurance after I arrived in
Thailand.  But by then I would be over 65.  I came to Thailand, for vacation, in
April (one month before my birthday).  While on vacation, I signed up for
Insurance with BUPA.  So actually, I was covered with insurance four (4)
months before moving to Thailand.

There are three (3) americans (two from Hawaii) living in the same complex as
myself.  Two have been retired in Thailand for about 1 year.  Both arrived in
Thailand about 2 - 3 months before age 65.  They did not know about the
above  until I told them.  They do not have health insurance.

For more information on BUPA, contact Apiradee Chainutnirat:
She is fluent in English and gives you great service  (No, I do not get a
To check out BUPA  
Check Here


This is  the company that many Thai people use,  AIA (American Insurance
Association) However, this company specializes in health insurance/life
assurance/sick pay/saving plans all rolled up into one convenient bundle.

As a retiree, you probable wouldn't go with this paln.  It's geared mainly for
groups.  If you were here on a WORK VISA your employer might be offering
this plan.  If you sign up before age 60, they will insure you up to age 65.

As you would expect, the premiums can be a little more costly than your
run-of-the-mill health insurance coverage.

However, if you are interested checking them out:  AIA Insurance

Thai Health

Thai Health Insurance Company Limited is one of leading health insurance
providers with second largest market share in Thailand. The Company is a
specialist in health insurance industry with 27 years operating experience and
strong financial status.

I've been told that the executive's of Thai Health used to work for BUPA.

To check out Thai Health  
Check Here
                           IF YOU'RE IN THAILAND ON A RETIREMENT VISA

Please pay attention here. The following information was not provided to me
by the Thai Consulate in Honolulu or Thai Immigration when I arrived in

If you are here on a Retirement VISA (O-A), good for one (1) year, or any long
term VISA, you must still go to the Immigration Department every 90 days.  You
will have to fill out a form advising them of your current address (even if you
haven't moved).

Notice I said "every 90 days", not every 3 months.  I arrived in Thailand on
August 26, so I had to go to immigration before Noverber 26.

The penalty for filing late is 2000 baht plus 200 baht for each day you are late.  
At the current exchange rate (Jan 11, 2008)  5000 baht = about $150;  200 baht
= about $6.
                                                   US EMBASSY

Once you are settled in, you should register with the US Embassy in Bangkok.
You can do this online at  Registration US Embassy .  Whenever you move, you
should update your information at the registration site.  
 Click Here To Register

This way if relatives or friends need to contact you in an emergency, they can
call the US Embassy.  There is a check box where you can restrict who can
request the information.

Also, if you are in serious condition, the Thai authorities will notify the US
Embassy who will contact whoever you put down as your contact person.
Health Insurance
If You're In Thailand On A Retirement VISA
US Embassy

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