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Online Registration for VISA Renewal (Chiang Mai)

NOTE:  THIS IS NOT TO BE USED FOR YOUR 90 REPORTING  (Only for renewal of Visa)

For other Immigration Offices that provide an online Queue to renew your Visa (Reservation)
Project Page
Click Here
Queue online
Visa Extension
It's towards the bottom
the Project Page
(Left Side)
Schedule Appointment Page
NOTE:  Nov 2, 2015 -  (since they moved to Promenada Mall) the Queue has not worked.  No
indication when,  and if, it be functional again.  

July 2014

Many of you have probably heard about now being able to schedule your appointment online for your VISA
renewal.  It works.   After you have made your appointment, It will display your confirmation which you need to
print out.  They will also send you a confirmation email.

NOTE:  They only accept "10" scheduled appointments per day.  After that, you have to stand in line for a
Only 1 person per 1 queue and within 100 days.

Appointments dates are filling up fast - Don't procrastinate

Here's a direct link to their queue page

NOTE:  This is not to be used for your 90 day reporting (Only for renewal of Visa)
Place cursor at Upper
Left or Upper Right
hand corner of
Calendar to change to
a different month.
Place cursor on the
day you want and
click.  If every time
slot for that day says
"Reserved", you have
to pick a different
day.  They are closed
on Saturday and
Sunday & Holidays
If you get an error,
click on "Thai
Language".  English
link does not work.  
Schedule will show in
Pick a Date and Time
and complete the
form.  When finished
you will get a
confirmation page to
print.  They will also
send you a
confirmation email
Phone number for

Tel: (053) 201 755
ext 19

For Information
on VISA's
Click Here
This only shows
6 Time Slots.  
They have now
expanded it to 10
Time Slots