I have been informed that there is now an Immigration Office in Lampang.  However, it is not a full service office.  
It is for 90 day reporting only (TM 47).  The staff there comes from Chiang Mai Immigration

They are located at the Old Police Station on Bunyawat Road (Third Floor)

Phone Number:  089-433-0099 / 083-152-6417
Open:  They are there on the First and Third Tuesday of each month
Hours:  11 AM to 2 PM
Appointment:  No appointment is necessary

Latitude:  18.290372140246333

Longitude:  99.50236916542053

I'd like to thank Theo Tetteroo for the above information

I don't know is this office if for Lampang residents only.   If anyone has additional information please let me know.

Don's Life In Thailand (Chiang Mai)
Immigration Lampang
(For 90 Day Reporting)