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Chiang Mai Immigration
Chiang Mai Immigration moved most of their services from the Airport location to Promenada Mall.  This
is in preparation for the construction of a new Immigration office there.  They are located in Bldg A (below
Toms and Tom Coffee).

Online Queue for Appointment :  This is no longer operational, but they will continue to honor those
who have already made a reservation.  No indication as to when it will be operational again.

Staffing :  There is only one Immigration officer for Visa Renewals (the old location had 3).  

Renewing your Visa :  Some Expats are arriving as early as 5 or 6 am to make sure they get an
appointment number for the day.  I've heard that on some days when Expats arrived at about 9:30am
they were told to come back the next day.  Some are using Visa Services.  The cost is about 7000 to
8000 baht (this includes the Immigration fee of 1900 baht).  At one visa service their fee also includes 4
90 day reports.

After you see the Visa Officer in the morning you are told to come back at 1:30pm.  This is because
there is no Immigration Officer there for the final signature.  The stack of paperwork (for the morning) is
taken to the old Immigration office by the Airport for signature.  They go to lunch from 12:00 to 1:00.  
When the runner returns to Promenada the Passport are then returned to you.  For the paperwork
completed in the afternoon, the signing officer will go to Promenada to sign the paperwork.  You will get
your Passport back between 3:30-4:00.

90 Day Report :   You can do your 90 day report online.  Click Here
   Requirements:  Use Internet Explorer
                            Enter all information in Caps

Unfortunately, as 1 Immigration Officer put it, the system is only working sparacially.  Some Expats have
reported success and some have reported frustration.  Personally, I was not able to do mine online.  
Some reported after trying for 3-4 days (3-4 times per day) they were finally successful.

Alternatives Options
   Go to Immigration and file it there
   Do it by mail - For instructions  
Click Here
   Pay a Visa Service to do it for you (cost about 300 baht)

Shuttle Service (Free) :  The shuttle service is provided by Promenada Mall (not Immigration).   
Unfortunately, the Shuttle service doesn't start until 11:30.  This is not any help for those needing to get
to Immigration early.  Also, it only goes to Hotels in the Night Market area and old city area of Chiang
Mai.    If you live in that part of Chiang Mai, it's a convenient way to get back to town from Promenada.
This past Thursday I took the 3:00 shuttle back to town.  It left on time

To take the Shuttle service from Promenada Mall back to town, go the Promenada information desk (on
the 1st floor, above Immigration) to obtain a ticket
immigration - Promenada
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Information Desk