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Horse Racing Chiang Mai
Horse races are held every Saturday starting at 12:30 pm and run till
about 5:30 pm.  There are about eight to ten races with a 20 minute
intermission between races.

Nong Ho Horse Racing
Ministry Horse Racing
Kawila Officer's Club
Chiang mai-Fang Rd (107 hwy AKA Chotana road) Tumbol
Changphueak Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai 50300

NOTE:  the "racing form" are printed only in Thai. .  

This is one of the few places in Thailand where gambling is legal.   The
track allows win or place bets.  A "win" is a first place only bet.  A
"place" is either a first, second or third place bet.  

Admittance is low, but betting can get expensive.

Horse Riding can be enjoyed at the Thai Army Cavalry base on Mae
Rim Road. The stables are open Saturday and Sunday evenings from
4.00 pm.  

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