One big misconception is that once you reach the age of 65, or older,
Health Insurance is no longer available.   This is not true. Many website
will tell you this. but you need to know the limitations.

Accident Insurance:
If you cannot qualify for Health Insurance, you might want to consider
"Bangkok Bank Accident Insurance".  Most of the major banks have
Accident Insurance, but Bangkok Bank has the best plans.  They have 5
plans.  The most expensive one is 7000 Baht a year and it covers all
types of accidents.  They will insure you up to 100 years old.  You can
go to any Branch to sign up for it.  For more info   

Another option is SOS.  They can arrange Health coverage for persons
up to the age of 75.  For information:  Call  0857 05 27 40   For their   

Below you will find a short brief for BUPA, Thai Health,  AIA  and LMG

For a very detailed explanation on the various Insurance options
available in Thailand click on link or past link into your address bar.

If you sign up for insurance by age 65 , they will insure you up to age 70
as long as you make your premium payment on time.

If you sign up for insurance by age 60 , they will insure you for the rest
of your life as long as you make your premium payment on time

Premiums are paid, in full, one (1) year in advance.  They have five (5)
different plans.  Before deciding on which plan I would take, I did a lot of
research on the internet for:  Cost of seeing a Doctor; Cost of a Hospital
stay; Cost of Medicine; etc.  I decided on the "Ruby Plan".   It cost me
about $848 for 1 year.

Here's what I did: My birthday is in May.  I wasn't moving to Thailand
until August.  My original plan was to obtain Medical Insurance after I
arrived in Thailand.  But by then I would be over 65.  I came to Thailand,
for vacation, in April (one month before my birthday).  While on vacation,
I signed up for Insurance with BUPA.  So actually, I was covered with
insurance four (4) months before moving to Thailand.

There are three (3) americans (two from Hawaii) living in the same
complex as myself.  Two have been retired in Thailand for about 1 year.  
Both arrived in Thailand about 2 - 3 months before age 65.  They did not
know about the above  until I told them.  They do not have health
insurance now.

To see their various plans and rate charte  

For more information on BUPA, contact Apiradee Chainutnirat:  She is fluent in English and gives you great service  
(No, I do not get a commission).

To check out BUPA website
 Check Here

                                 Thai Health

Thai Health Insurance Company Limited is one of leading health
insurance providers with second largest market share in Thailand. The
Company is a specialist in health insurance industry with 27 years
operating experience and strong financial status.

I've been told that the executive's of Thai Health used to work for BUPA.

*  Eligible to apply for the first year coverage from 15 days up to 65 years
of age, renewable up to 80 years of age for IPD and up to 70 years of age
for OPD.

*  IPD coverage must be purchased first in order to be able to purchase
OPD coverage, in case of purchase OPD as optional, OPD premium will
be added to IPD premium.

To check out Thai Health  

                                     LMG Pacific

One of the leading health insurance companies Thailand has to offer.
Guaranteed renewability regardless of age or medical condition.

To check them out  


This is  the company that many Thai people use,  AIA (American
Insurance Association) However, this company specializes in health
insurance/life assurance/sick pay/saving plans all rolled up into one
convenient bundle.

As a retiree, you probable wouldn't go with this plan.  It's geared mainly
for groups.  If you were here on a WORK VISA your employer might be
offering this plan.  If you sign up before age 60, they will insure you up to
age 75.

As you would expect, the premiums can be a little more costly than your
run-of-the-mill health insurance coverage.

However, if you are interested checking them out:
 AIA Insurance

For more information call Ms. Nice:
Cell           085 276 0027

Thai Government Health Insurance For Expats (NO
  Click Here

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