Drivers License (Update August 2016)

Chiang Mai - I renewed my Thai Driving License today for another 5 years.  The process is different than wha
t is posted on their website.

I arrived at 7:55 am.  There was a line outside of about 50 people.  At 8:00 am the doors opened. Everyo
ne filed in and went upstairs to the 2nd floor.  

Everyone lined up at the "Information Counter".  There were 2 lines at the the counter.  Everyone, except 1
person, was lined up on the left.  Only one person was lined up on the right.  An employee walked by.  I
asked her if I was in the right line to renew my 5 year license.  She directed me to the line on the right (talk
about luck).  

   - She checked my papers and sent me to Counter 29.  I spent about 1 minute at this counter. She
collected my papers, gave me a number and sent me to Room #2

   - Room #2.  Waited there until about 8:45.  Then everyone was directed to follow the instructor to another
room where we took a color chart test.

   - Back to Room #2.  About 9:05 a lady spoke (in Thai) for about 15 minutes.

   - About 9:20 a movie started (in Thai).  Even thought it was in Thai is was pretty easy to follow what was
happening.  The movie seem to spend a lot of time about the dangers of "Tailgating".  Movie lasted for
about 35 minutes.  We also had to sign an attendance sheet.

   - About 10:00 we were given back our original paperwork and told to go back to the Information counter
where we were given another number and told to take a seat and wait for our number to be called.  

   - About 11:20 my number was called.  Went to counter 23, gave them my paperwork, paid the
     fee and was told to get a number to take my picture.

   -  Only had to wait about 2 minutes to take my picture.  Waited there for another 2 minutes then they
handed me my new license.

NOTE:   Did not have to take a test on the computer and no reaction test with the foot pedals.

Residency Certificate -  The "Residency Certificate" is now being handled by "G4T" next to the Immigration
office at "Promenada Mall" (located next to the Copy Shop).   Cost 500 Baht.  You can still get it for free from
Immigration but it takes about 1 month to receive.   

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