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Customs Department Thailand
The Customs Department is responsible for the collection of customs taxes
and duties. The following other responsibilities are also listed on their
website :

* Collection of other import and export taxes on behalf of other government
agencies such as value added tax (VAT), excise tax, and municipal tax;
* Supervision of imports and exports to ensure compliance with relevant
laws and regulations;
* Prevention and suppression of smuggling, tax and duty evasion including
other Customs offences;
* Promotion of manufacturing and export through tax measures; and
* Facilitation of international trade.

Their hours are Monday - Friday      9:00am to 12:00 / 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Address in Chiang Mai - Chiang Mai Airport
Phone - 053-277695

They are located to the left of Chiang Mai Airport in the Thai Cargo Building

For Customs Website
Click Here

To review Tariff Chart  Click on   "Tariff Search"
Then click on                                  "Customs Tariff"
Under Subject column Click on    "2550"


1.  If you have to pick up a parcel from Customs, bring any and all
paperwork you have relating to that document (ex:  invoices, all
correspondences, etc)

NOTE:  Bring your Passport with you.

For example:  when I ordered vitamins, the company was having a
"buy 2 get 3 free sale".  Obviously, when the box arrived, it was a big
box.  Customs thought I was bringing in Vitamins illegally for resale.  I
brought with me the catalogue, order receipt and emails.  After
completing the paperwork, I was able to leave with my box.

If I had not brought the documents with me, customs would not have
released the box to me.

2.  If you send something out of Thailand for repair, like an expensive
watch worth $1000,  get a letter from the shipper with a description of
the item.  

When the item is sent back to you, bring the shippers letter, email, etc
with you when you pick up the watch.  

Otherwise, customs will think you purchased the item outside of
Thailand and they will charge you duty on the value of $1000.
Standing in Customs parking lot
looking at Chiang Mai Airport on
the right
Thai Cargo Building.  Customs is
located in the last office on the
right.  Under the Green Roof