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Bring Money with you - Exchange in Thailand

Bring the actual cash with you (for example: in a money belt).  Not recommended for
large amounts.  Once you arrive in Thailand you can go into a bank and exchange
your money into Thai Baht.  By exchanging cash for Baht you will receive the best
exchange rate.  This way you also avoid additional fees such as International Fee
of 1%; ATM Fees; Wire Transfer Fee; etc.
Large denominations of money will get you a better exchange rate than small
denominations.  For example:  $100 bills will have a better exchange rate than $20

Note:  Make sure your bills are in very good condition with no defects, or they may  
be rejected as possible counterfeit.

Traveler's Checks

NOTE:  When you exchange travellers cheques in Thailand as of March 1, 2014
there is a 153 baht fee per cheque (up from the previous 33 baht)
.To minimise this 153 baht fee it is wise to get your cheques in larger
denominations  fewer exchanges).

Traveller's cheques are accepted in many major establishments, but not all.   You
should convert them into the local Thai baht as soon as possible. The value
between traveller's cheques and regular money is almost the same.

Note:  Make sure the name on your Traveler's Checks matches the name on your
Passport or you may have a difficult time cashing them.

Note:  Sometimes you can get a slightly higher rate for traveller's checks than cash

Wire Money from Your Home Bank

Once you have established a Savings Account at a bank in Thailand, you can have
your bank wire money to that bank.  The drawback is that your home bank will
charge you a wire transfer fee.  That could cost you from $37 to $60 depending on
your Bank's fee schedule

ATM in Thailand

ATMs are all over Thailand, even in small towns, so you'll never have a problem not
being able to find an ATM machine.   You can use your Credit or Debit Card to
withdraw funds from your home bank.  Most banks here will charge you a 150 baht
to 180 baht service fee (approximately $4.50 to $5.40 US).  In addition, you will still
be charged a service fee by your home bank plus a 1% international transfer fee.

Note:  If your home bank has a per transaction limit and you wanted to withdraw
more than the limit, you would have to make two withdrawals.  For example:  you
wanted to withdraw $600 and your limit is $400, you would have to make 1
withdrawal for $400 and another withdrawal for $200.  Hence, all of the above fee
would apply for each transaction.  

Some banks will allow you to increase your daily limit for a 12 hour period to allow
you to withdraw a larger amount, then revert back to the regualr limit after 12 hours.

Using a ATM is not always the most reliable, as machines are often down, especially
in the provinces. Therefore, it pays not to be entirely dependent on your card (carry
some cash with you)

Western Union

Western Union is the fastest way to send money, usually the  same day, but is the
most expensive way. You have to go pick up the money at the Western Union office.
They usually have an office in Central Department stores (largest Dept Store chain
in Thailand).

Cash Advance

Go into the bank and request a Cash Advance.  They will need to make a copy
of your Passport.
 See above, the exchange rate for a Credit Card and a Debit
Card can be different.  They run your card through the machine, give you papers to
sign and you have your money.  The only fee is a 1% to 2% international fee
charge by your home bank.

As of August, 2014 the Exchange Rate in Thailand is still lower than in the USA.  I
always ask, for example, 45,000 baht cash advance.  This way the funds are
deposited into my saving account, in Thailand,  and the electronic transaction is
sent to my bank in the USA.  Then my Bank will use the exchange rate in the US to
determine how much to charge my account there.

If you ask for Dollars, for example, $1400, they will calculate the exchange
immediately (the lower rate) to determine how much money to give you.


Bangkok Bank - New York Branch

Holders of US bank accounts can save on fees for international funds transfers by
transferring funds from the United States to Thailand via the US Automated
Clearing House system (US ACH) and Bangkok Bank's New York branch.

For complete Details  CLICK HERE

To Transfer money from UK to Thailand   CLICK HERE

NOTE - Bangkok Bank will use the Exchange rate in Thailand.  At the present time,
the exchange rate is higher in the USA than in Thailand.  For Example:  You
transferred $2000 US
Bangkok Bank uses Exchange rate in Thailand = 64,000 Baht
Exchange Rate in USA - 66,000 Baht

So, in addition to the Int'l Fee, you would receive about 2000 less baht.


You can usually do an exchange at your Hotel, but they usually offer the worst
exchange rate.  Like anywhere else in the world, exchanging money at your hotel
will get you one of the lowest rates in Thailand.


What's the exchange rate at Bangkok airport ?

Unlike airports in most other places in the world, the exchange rate at Bangkok
airport is just about as good as you can get anywhere else downtown.



A way to avoid Wire Transfer Fees; ATM Fees; and International Transfer Fees is
to set up a Thailand PayPal account.  Click on this link to set up your account:

Paypal gets their fee by giving you a lower exchange rate (usually about 0.30%
lower than the regular rate.

Once your account has been set up and verified you must link it to your Thai Bank
Savings account.  Now you are ready to  transfer money from your Home Bank to
the Thailand PayPal Account (This takes about 3-5 working days).  When you
receive an email that the funds are in the PayPal account you can transfer it to the
Thai Bank (again 3-5 working days)
Note:  You cannot get a checking account in Thailand, only a savings account.  But
that's ok.  PayPal will not transfer money to a Thai Checking account anyway.  Only
large companies can get a checking account.

Click Here for information of setting up a Thai Savings Account

Click Here To set up a PayPal Account

Once you have set up your PayPal Account follow the instructions below:

Note:  Exchange Rates can change at a moments notice so be sure
and ask what the current rate is.

For a complete list of Rates, by country,  
Click Here

Unofficially, the Thai Baht can be used in Laos, Cambodia, and
How do I add a Bank Account in the US?

1. Log into your PayPal account.
2. Click the
My Account tab.
3. Click
Profile at the top of the page.
4. Click
add/edit Bank Account
5. Complete the Form

How do I confirm my U.S. bank account?

When you add your U.S. Bank account, PayPal will send two random deposits
between $0.01 and $0.99 USD to your account. These deposits are at PayPal's
expense and will arrive in your bank account within 2 to 4 business days. To
confirm your bank account, find out the amounts of the two deposits.

Here's how to confirm your Bank account when you know the amounts of the

1. Log into your PayPal account.
2. Click the
My Account tab.
3. Click
Profile at the top of the page.
4. Click the
Bank Accounts link in the Financial Information column.
5. Select the bank account to confirm and click
6. Enter the two amounts and click Submit.

Note: You can call your bank's customer service to ask about the deposit amounts
or you can check your bank statement online.

How to add a Thailand Bank account

1. Log into your PayPal account.
2. Click the
My Account tab.
3. Click
Profile at the top of the page.
4. Click
add/edit Bank Account
5. Here you will see your US Bank Account listed
6.  Click the
Add button at the bottom
7.  Add your Thai Bank Account

How do I add funds to my PayPal account using a confirmed
U.S.  Bank Account

1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click the
My Account tab.
3. Click
Add Funds at the top of the page.
4. Click
Add Funds from Bank Account.
5. Choose the bank account you want to take funds from.
6. Enter the amount to transfer and click
7. Review the transfer details and then click Submit.

How do I withdraw funds from my PayPal account?

1.  Log into your account
2.  Click the
My Account tab
3.  Click the
Withdraw link
4.  Click the
Withdraw Funds to you bank account link
5.  Enter the requested information and click
6.  Click Submit

What are the fees for withdrawing funds to my local bank account?

There is no fee to withdraw money to your local bank account as long as the
withdrawal amount is above certain minimums that vary by country.

In Thailand there is no fee if the amount is over 5000 Baht.  If under 5000 Baht,
the fee is 50 Baht (about $1.50)

See the Withdrawal Fees page for complete details on the withdrawal fees for your

Note: Some banks may charge fees for electronic funds transfers. Contact your
bank for more information.


All currency in Thailand, paper and coin, bears a portrait of His Majesty King
Bhumibol Adulyadej or a deceased relative.

Remember that Thailand has harsh lèse majesté laws which are strictly enforced.
These laws expressly prohibit any act - verbal, physical or written, that shows
insolent or disrespectful behaviour toward the royal family.

With this in mind;

DO NOT EVER step on a coin to stop it from rolling away.
DO NOT step on a Thai banknote to stop it from blowing away.
DO NOT throw a note or coin in anger towards another person.  
DO NOT tear, burn or otherwise deface a note or coin.

These acts can easily been perceived as disrespectful toward His Majesty The
King, or another member of the royal family (and may be considered highly
offensive to any Thai person who witnessed such an occurrence).
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