Don's Life In Thailand (Chiang Mai)
Cost of Living in Thailand
(Cost of Living in Chiang Mai
One of the most important things to take into account when picking a place to live has to be the
cost of living.

The cost of living in Thailand will vary according to your
- Life Style
- The City you choose to live in
-  Type of accomodation (Serviced Apartment; Condo or Home)
-  Will you eat Thai Food or Western Food  (Western food is more expensive)  

For example:  I live in a Serviced Apartment
(Huay Kaew Residence)
Studio Apartments      3500 -   4000 Baht per month
1 bedroom Apt             7000 - 10,000
        (depends on if you want a kitchen or not, Maid service, etc)
Internet                          500   (includes cable and Wifi)
Water                              150    
Electricity                           7 Baht per unit.  
        (Depending on the time of the year, my electric bill runs from 700 - 1200 bath per month.
          Do you use an Air Conditioner a lot?   I know a lady who used her Air Cond day and night.
         Her electric bill was about 4000 baht for 1 month)

        (If you live in a Condo or Home, your price per unit will be about 3 to 5 baht per unit)

CLICK HERE   for the Bangkok Bank exchange calculator to convert the above rates to your home
                 country currency

Here's a very good website that gives a complete breakdown.  You can enter which city you
want the information on.

Using this information, you can prepare your own budget based on your circumstances.  When
deciding on where to live, remember that Central and Southern Thailand is much hotter than
Northern Thailand.  Unfortunately, Northern Thailand doesn't have any beaches.

Most of my friends, who retire to Thailand, chose Chiang Mai.  I have one friend who recently
moved to Thailand.  He chose to live in Rayong (this is where his girlfriend is from)