In Thailand it is standard for all cars that are more than 7 years old and motorbikes that are more than
5 years old to be tested each year for road worthiness. Several aspects of the mechanics of the
vehicle are tested including the emissions levels. All tests are carried out at authorized test centres
and this is the equivalent of the MOT test which is carried out in the UK or the Safety Check in the US

Following the test all vehicles are issued with a certificate known as TorRorOr. This is a requirement
for the annual tax sticker which is issued each year. There are no reminders sent out to vehicle
owners so it is important to make a note of the renewal date and not miss it. The certificate is a legal
requirement and if you are stopped by the police and do not have a valid certificate you may be
subject to prosecution.

The testing centres are privately owned but are authorized to carry out the testing by the Department
of Land Transport. Standards are strict and if there are problems with the garage that you choose you
can lodge a complaint with the Department of Land Transport. Garages that can carry out the test
display a logo which is a yellow gear on top of a blue circle.

The test that is carried out includes a check on the engines, lights, indicators, tyres, steering and the
bodywork of the vehicle. Part of the test is also to check that the engine numbers, chassis number
and the colour stated in the Blue Book match those on the car. For this reason, in order for the test
to be carried out, the owner will need to take the book to the test.

In the event that the car fails the test there must be repairs carried out until the car is considered to
be roadworthy. If you are in a city then you should not be too far away from a testing centre as each
city has plenty to choose from. Bangkok has 225 centres in total and other cities also have large

Finding a centre is easy as they are listed in the local yellow pages. If you are in doubt then it is worth
asking friends or neighbours for a personal recommendation. As a result of these regulations the
standard of vehicles in Thailand is generally very good although you may find in some rural areas
there are people who are driving vehicles that are in fairly poor condition.

There are a number of options for breakdown assistance in Thailand. Most local garages have a
recovery service but there are a several options for nationwide breakdowns. These include the Royal
Automobile Association of Thailand (RAAT). Membership can be arranged by simply calling them and
asking to join. You will need to provide details of your vehicle and driving licence and the
membership cost is fairly low when compared to similar services in the UK and US.

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                            WHERE TO GET CAR INSPECTION IN CHIANG MAI

Car Inspection service centers are suppose to display this LOGO (Orange Gear in a
Blue Circle)

Most of the below info is from Thai Visa

There's a place kitty corner to Big C on Hang Dong Road. You just drive the car over a ramp, they
check the lights and stick a thingy up the tail pipe. They will do everything there tax, insurance, check
  My friend says:    the name of the place is "Best Service Center"  053 277 798

There is 3 inspection places on the Chiangmai Hod rd. As mentioned there is one diagonally opposte
Big C near the corner. LH side going towards Chiangmai.

Another is next to (near) Hangdong post office. Just past the Post Office on the left going towards

Once you recognize the Thai sign you will see them all over the place.

I did my car in Dec at the one near the post office.        Quick and efficient. Cost 200 Baht. As stated
you can also get the compulsary insurance there if want. If you don't want th trip to the registry office
they will also do that for a nominal fee.

Check for cars every year including and after 7 yrs and bikes 5 yrs.

There is one across the street from the Holliday Inn. It is just a very little north of the hotel and the
first building north of it across a soi is a Transport office where you can do the registration and pay
the road tax..
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