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Apinya Chutagoon
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Contact me:
094 709 4848
Thai Language Lessons
Learn Thai with Apinya

Thai Language Lessons
Step by Step
1 hour/300 baht
Private Class. or Group.
At your place or at my class room
area Nong Hoi , Kog Klang rd,
Tel 094-7094848.

                      Sample Phases

Hello (sa-wat dee) more...
This is the word that all tourists need to
learn first. It is used for both "hello" and

Thank you (khorb koon) more...
When you are in Thailand don't forget you
are representing your country so please
always try to be
polite. This is a useful word to say "thank
you" if someone gives you something.

How much? (gee baht) more...
If you are shopping you wil need to ask
"how much?" You don't really need to
learn " this?" or "
that?" as you can use sign language at the
same time.