Change in location.  Residence Certificates are now handled by "G4T".  They are located 2 shops to the left of the
Promenada Immigration Office (next to the copy shop).  I personally verified this on Nov 6 (I went to Immigration).

If you live outside of Chiang Mai, you might want to check with your local Immigration Office about their procedure.

Here's an email I received from Expat  Skip Symonds.  He does a good job of explaining the procedure, in Chiang Mai.

Just turned in my paperwork for the Residence Certificate.  A few notes:

The Residence Certificate is not handled directly by CM Immigration at Promenada Mall.

Do NOT go to the information desk in front of Immigration.  Go directly to the little Visa service shop, two
doors to the left of the breezeway to the parking lot (next to the copy shop).  I recommend that you go in the
mid-late morning between 10 am - 12 noon.

They will review the documents, charge 500 THB and give you a little receipt for pick up of the Residence
Certificate the next day between 1-4 pm.

I waited a total of about 5 minutes to be called to the processing desk at the shop.
Quick, easy and painless!

I brought 2 copies of the required documents and they gave me back 1 copy.  So you only need 1 copy of the
documents BUT you will need 2 - 4X6 cm photos.  Don’t forget to sign all copies of the documents and the
back of the 2 photos prior to this procedure.


CHANGE OF ADDRESS NOTIFICATION (must file within 24 hours of change)

Update May 26, 2016 - The TM 30 & TM 28 is no longer filed at Promenada).  It has been switched back
to the Royal Thai Police (Bldg 3 behind the Airport Immigration Office)  

TM 28 - Filed by the Foreigner  
(Download)-CLICK HERE   
TM 30 - Filed by the Landlord   
 (Download)-CLICK HERE   

This is not a new rule, it just that (effective September 1, 2015) they are starting to enforce the rule.  You
probably did not even know about this rule.  Failure to report is a Fine of 200 Baht per day with a maximum of
5,000 Baht.  I personally verified this on Nov 6 (I went to Immigration)

Most of you don't have to worry about it.  By Law, when you move, in or out, of a Hotel, Condo, Serviced
Apartment, etc, the property owners will notify Immigration on a TM 30. (They have a special permit which
allows them to report the information to Immigration online).  You, as an individual, cannot get this permit.  
You might want to check with the management office to make sure they are filing the TM 30.

The problem arises when you rent an Apartment or Home directly from the Owner.  The owner probably
doesn't even know about this law. The Owner may live out of country, so you will want to file a TM 28 (better
to be safe than sorry).

The other problem arises when you Purchase a Home or Condo directly from the Owner.  When I purchased
a Condo, in July, I immediately filed a TM 28.  They tore off the bottom part (like they do for the TM 47) and
stapled it into my Passport.

If you live outside of Chiang Mai, you might want to check with your local Immigration Office about their

Here's an email I received from Expat John Hamption.  He does a good job of explaining the procedure, in
Chiang Mai.

The rule change affects those of us married to Thai wives and who own a residence.

With all the different information we received every time we called immigration, we decided to go back down
to Promenada.  Bob and John met at Immigration with our wives as translators.  We kept getting different
answers from lots of folks there, that is when the boss noticed and came over.  Here are the answers from
the boss man himself:

1. We foreigners report just like we always have done.

2. For us, the TM28 is only used when we actually change residences.

3. The owners of a residences NOW have to report on us using TM 30 within 24 hours of our arrival back into
Thailand arriving at our residence.  Owner can mail it in or walk it into the Promenada Immigration office to
the "Re-Entry Permit" desk.  No line, just go direct to the desk.

I'm glad the wives went as they asked many questions and then asked for many clarifications of different
examples.  Simple, the residence owner has to report our arrival when we return to Thailand.  That's it!

Fine: 200B per day with a maximum 5,000B.

Bob has written a more detailed explanation which I have included below:

1.        The TM-30 is to be filed by the owner of any property that a foreign national stays at within 24 hours of
the foreigners’ arrival to that location.  This means if you live in a house owned by your wife or girlfriend she
needs to file the TM-30 within 24 hours of your arrival.  If you live in a rented house, your landlord must file
the TM-30 within 24 hours.
2.       There are some rare cases where a foreign national lives in a house owned by a person such as an
adult Thai child living in America or some other country.  In such cases, that person needs to have a limited
power of attorney drawn up and notarized in America or whatever country they are in.  That limited PoA
needs to identify a Thai citizen in Thailand and state that person has limited PoA to file TM-30s with Thai
Immigration on their behalf.

3.       Once a TM-30 has been filed by the property owner and the foreign national takes a trip out of town but
NOT out of Thailand, the property owner need not turn in a new TM-30.  However, should the foreign national
leave Thailand to visit another country, the property owner must file a new TM-30 within 24 hours of that
person’s arrival back on the property.

4.       Some of you have questioned if a TM-30 needs to be filed if you have a yellow house-book.  The
answer is “yes”.  The yellow house-book does not excuse the property owner from having to file the TM-30

5.  There are no exemptions to this law, all foreign nationals staying at any property in Thailand must be
reported to Thai Immigration by the property owner.

Hope this helps!
Skip Symonds
Additional Information
Residence Certificate / Change Of Address

(Update May 2016)
Don's Life In Thailand  (Chiang Mai)
To read Sec 37 and Sec 38 of the Immigration law as it pertains to Change of Address